November 2015 Website Refresh

November 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I've spent the past few days updating my website to better present my work, and to add some new photos.  Key changes include:

- I have split my Colorado images into two galleries.  One gallery emphasizes the eastern part of the state, including the Denver area.  The other gallery emphasizes the western part of the state, including several of Colorado's national parks.

- I have improved the navigation for my landscape galleries to accommodate the new Colorado galleries and other galleries already on my website.

- I have added several new Colorado images to my website that appear in both of the new Colorado galleries.  I have also added a few new wildlife images to my wildlife gallery.  I've included two of my new images below as samples of what I have been doing recently.

Snack TimeSnack TimeA chipmunk settles down to eat some grass on a sunny Colorado day. Sunset at the ArsenalSunset at the ArsenalSunlight is filtered by smoke from wildfies as the sun sinks toward the horizon at Rocky Mountian Arsenal, Colorado.


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