A Few Questions Answered ...

September 14, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I'm doing some reorganization, and will be removing my FAQ page.  However, I'm posting the content here in my blog, in case someone asks.  If further questions come up, I will post responses here as well.

Are your images photoshopped?

My images are taken digitally, and I post process them on a computer.  Most photographers work this way in the digital age.  My post-processing efforts use techniques similar to those I learned in a black-and-white chemical darkroom years ago, like dodging, burning, and overall exposure adjustments.  I also repair camera artifacts (such as dust spots) and I will occasionally blur details such as trademarks or identifiable faces.  However, my goal during this process is not to change the content of the image.

Do you bait wild animals?

As an outdoor photographer, I respect the animals that I photograph.  I do not not bring animal(s) into my camera's view through baiting, calls, or similar techniques.  My wildlife photography is based on learning about the animals, finding them, and photographing them in their environment.

Do you photograph animals in captivity?

I generally avoid photographing animals in captivity.  However, many of my photographs are taken in national / state parks and wildlife refuges.  In these settings, wild animals often adapt to humans.  Further, some parks and refuges manage certain species with fencing, tracking collars, or other means.  I will take photographs in these settings if I am comfortable with the particular facility and its management practices.


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